This WG addresses task 4 by comparing and harmonizing design methods of thermoactive geostructures.


Temperature variations in piles, diaphragm wall and tunnels induce contractions and expansions which have to be considered during the design.

Three benchmarks (piles, diaphragm walls, tunnels) will be organized to compare the design methods.

Common design methods will be developed and promoted to the CEN, especially the technical committee in charge of Eurocodes.

The three examples will be provided by the COST Partners. Results from thermoactive pile in situ tests or from instrumented bulidings will be analyzed to justify the design methods which will be proposed.


The expected outputs of this WG are:


. analysis of in situ tests and measurements;

. comparison of mechanical design methods (3 benchmarks);

. proposition of common design methods.


WG4   Thermoactive geostructure design 


WG Lead : Mr Hussein MROUEH

Vice Lead : Prof Josif JOSIFOVSKI

Webmaster Françoise Dudouyt IFSTTAR 

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