WG3    Sustainability and urban planning


WG Lead :  Dr Marco BARLA

Vice Lead : Mr Grzegorz RYZYNSKI

    This WG will address task 3 by sharing the available data and experiences across Europe. This will help to define best practises for minimising interferences between adjacent thermoactive geostructures and their potential influence on the surroundings.

WG3 will investigate the feasibility of the proposed city-scale geothermal systems – the thermoactive geostructures, their energetic and economic potential. This will be achieved by ensuring a multidisciplinary membership in WG3, including specialists from fields such as engineering geology, geotechnical and structural engineering, urban planning, thermodynamics together with invited key experts from the construction and geothermal energy industry and representatives of municipalities. The following questions will be addressed:

. How many new generation geothermal energy systems can be installed at “city” scale without impairing ground

thermal capacity?

. Can we utilize existing or new underground infrastructure such as metro and road embankment systems as thermoactive geostructures. If so, how can we deliver the generated heat to the neighbouring community?

. What thermo-hydro-mechanical impacts will be made to the ground if the abovementioned step changes are realised? 

. What other environmental impacts may be expected?

. What strategies should be followed to efficiently integrate geotechnical, structural, heating and building services activities?

. How to deal with management at the city scale of thermoactive geostructures and potential induced changes in

  the subsurface, such as movements, bio-activity and underground space utilization? 

       Proper policy and legislation are needed to ensure that the ground is used effectively and judiciously.

There are scientific reports about "Development of geothermal potential maps at the urban scale" during short term missions :

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