Method and means



This COST Action will comprise five Working Groups (WG) that will address Tasks 1-5. Throughout the Action WG meetings are planned every six months.


These meetings will form the main mechanism for synthesising and consolidating existing knowledge and exploration of new ideas, collaborations and research directions. The WG meeting topics and programme are sufficiently flexible to allow collaboration with other COST Actions or European networks and groups to minimise risk of duplication and maximise scientific benefits.


In addition to WG meetings, focused thematic workshops will be organized. Open calls will be issued to ensure a wide variety of researchers, practitioners, stakeholders, policy makers, city managers, from a diverse range of institutions, can attend and input into the events.


A full conference held in year 4 will disseminate research widely with policy makers and researchers. This final conference will provide a forum for presenting the latter developments and advances concerning thermoactive geostructures and disseminating the COST Action findings and engaging with the international research community.


Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) are essential to the success of the project, particularly with regard the development of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs). Each WG will be encouraged to arrange at least one STSM a year, with interdisciplinary topics being favoured. Each STSM is expected to lead to at least one journal publication of multi-national authorship.



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