This task deals with the development of design methods for thermoactive geostructures according to Eurocodes. Currently, no common design methodology exists to assess the performance of thermoactive geostructures. This COST Action will define the different steps in the design process and assess numerical and analytical tools which can be used. Three major points must be considered for the design of thermoactive geostructureshave:


. The thermal axial displacements which can induce settlement or heave of the overlying structures

. The complementary stresses in compression or tension due to the constrained movements of the

     surrounding soil

. The shear stresses mobilized at the soil–structure interface, which control the mobilized resistance

     in the ground.

   Furthermore, this work requires the construction of a database of the different research tests performed on thermoactive geostructures and existing monitored installations.

   A benchmark study will be conducted by using different national practices in order to identify the main calculation approaches compatible with Eurocodes.

Task 4 : Thermoactive geostructure design

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