WG 5 : Communication and dissemination


Task 5 will be carried out by WG5 and will include the preparation and maintenance of the Action website and web services for delivery of output. WG5 will include members experienced in editing and publishing scientific books and papers. Social media activity of the Action will be coordinated by WG5. Web based reports from workshops and WG meetings will be uploaded on the Action website. WG5 will also include experts with experience in delivering web services and training packages. A milestone will be a major international conference in the final year of the Action. The final conference will provide a forum for presenting the latest developments and advances concerning thermoactive geostructures and disseminating the COST Action findings to a wider audience and engaging with the international research community.


The expected outputs and deliverabes of this WG will be:


. Development & launching of the Action website

. Website maintenance

. Administration of social media profiles of the Action

. Publishing guidelines (books),



web based reports, training packages and conference papers;

. organisation of final conference.

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