WG meeting - 21 March 


Core group meeting : 10h30-13h00

Only the core group members are invited.


Welcome and lunch: 13h00-14h00


Plenary session : 14h00-15h00

WG sessions : 15h00-16h00

Coffee break: 16h00-16h30

WG sessions : 16h30-18h00


Social Event: “Transilvanian Dinner” 20h00


WG meeting - 22 March



WG sessions: 9h00-10h30

Coffee break: 10h30-11h00

WG sessions : 11h00-12h00

Plenary session : 12h00-13h00


Lunch: 13h00-14h30


International Seminar: 15h00-18h30

Energy GeoStructures




MC meeting - 23 March



MC meeting: 8h30-10h30

Concerning the MC meeting scheduled on 23 March  Wednesday morning,

note that MC members have priority to participate to the meeting.

MC substitutes will only be invited if the MC member cannot participate.













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