Tasks 1 – 5 have been defined to comprehensively address the issues arising during the various stages required to ultimately install and operate thermoactive geostructures: from the feasibility and pre-design assessments to the design, construction and maintenance of these civil engineering projects.

A multi scale approach is needed to fully describe the great variety of processes involved.


Task 1 covers the initial, pre-design phase and gathering of the data needed to estimate parameters specifically relating to the thermoactive role of the foundation.


Tasks 2 and 4 are focused on the design and construction phases of the process.


Task 2 addresses design related to energy production: energy efficiency, building physics and geothermal systems engineering.


Task 4 focuses on thermo-mechanical aspects: geotechnical engineering, numerical modelling and the unification and harmonization of design approaches.


Task 3 integrates urban planning, sustainability and efficiency of thermoactive geostructures at district/city scale.


Task 5 synthetizes the findings from the other groups to reach a wider audience, promote use and consideration of thermoactive geostructures, and disseminate knowledge.

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